About the association

The Leidse Biologen Club has been the study association for biology students and phd’s at Leiden university since november 1923. We have been organising many activities for our approximately 500 members for over 90 years.

General information
The Leidse Biologen Club (LBC) is a study association that keeps itself busy with organising study-related and social activities. Few of these activities are study-related excursions, symposia and (abroad) study trips. Discount on your study books are also provided. LBC also offers activities focused on relaxation and having lots of fun! Parties, drinks (‘borrels’), BBQs, fancy galas…we have it all!
You can read about (some of) them on this website, but you can also visit the board in the Sylvius buidling (first floor) for more information.

Study related activities
A committee of the LBC organises multiple excursions each year. They vary, as we not only visit companies, but also do activities like snorkeling, hiking and bird watching.

During symposia, lectures will be given by guest speakers. Each symposia has its own theme.

Study trip
A study trip abroad will be organised each year by the committee Quo Vadis. During this trip, biological and social activities are combined. In the last few years, we’ve visited for example Poland, England, Denmark and France. It is an exhausting week, but it’s worth it because we can enjoy eachothers company during a week full of Biology!

Het Kameleon
Het Kameleon is the magazine of the LBC. You can find them in the Sylvius building (and of course also in the LBC board room). Quite a lot of articles are in english, especially for you, so you can read it too!