Brothers & sisters

We are not the only study association as you may expect. Our Biology ‘sisters’ can be found all over the Netherlands. Our ‘brothers’ can be found in Leiden, as they are the study associations within our faculty.

Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences: L.P.S.V. ,,Aesculapius” 
Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy en Computer Sciences: De Leidsche Flesch 
Molecular Science & Technology: Chemisch Dispuut Leiden 
Life Science & Technology: SV LIFE 

All of the study associations of the faculty of Science gather regularely during the VerO, het Verenigingen Overleg(‘the Associations Gathering’). They also organise parties and other activities together. Each year two committees are formed by the VerO:

  • The Bèta-galacommittee: organises each year the Bèta-gala for the whole faculty of Science.
  • The Faculty Partycommittee: organises each year a grand party, the Faculty Party.

We’d also like to mention the Bètabanenmarkt. Stichting Bètabanenmarkt organises each year an event focused on career for the Faculty of Science students and Biomedical Sciences students. One Biology students participates in this committee. The Bètabanenmarkt already exists for more than 30 years and is consequently the oldest carreer-related event.
The next Bètabanenmarkt will take place on the 15th of March 2016. Do you want to know more? You can visit their website.

Representatives of all study associations in Leiden gather at StOP, the Studieverenigingen Overleg Platform (study association gathering platform). StOP focusses on representing the study associations on University level. More information can be found here.

Utrecht: Utrechtse Biologen Vereniging 
Groningen: GLV Idun
Amsterdam (UVA): CONGO 
Amsterdam (VU): Gyrinus natans 
Wageningen: BVW Biologica 
Nijmegen: BeeVee 
Utrecht: M.B.V. Mebiose 

We work together with our sister associations via the Landelijk Overleg Biologie Studenten (LOBS). The LOBS want to improve the Biology education in general, but also wants to provide students more information about the possibilities during or after a Biology education. More information about the LOBS can be found here.