The women’s dispute Agrodolce want to encourage culinary cooking. Agrodolce wants to improve the cooking skills of its members and enjoy (special) dishes combined with drinks.

Regularly, the dispute gather at a member’s house to enjoy self-made dinners and drinks.

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La Chèffe: Sanne van Gammeren
De Sous: – to be determined –
Maître d’î: Bernice Dekker
Mon trésor: – to be determined –

Other members
Robyn Koster
Cynthia Meijs
Kim Renkens
Marieke Severijns
Wies Vallentgoed
Hester van Willigenburg
Geerke Tuinenga
Jackolien Nieuwhuis
Amy de Waal
Jessica van Bokkum
Vicky beckers

Old members
Linda Cappetti
Laura van Rooijen